Celine Avrahami is a dancer and movement artist, performer and teacher based in London.

Celine's work is a continuous dialogue between her inner truth and the outer world. She transforms simple daily encounters into dance, bringing new meaning to the ordinary. She uses her journeys over the globe as material for creation. The world becomes her lab, her inspiration for prolific movement creation.

Her work has been presented internationally in various art platforms, and has included collaborations with international artists. She uses live music, text and vocal work, theatre and video. Her innate, intuitive understanding of natural movement has allowed her to develop her own ‘language’ combining improvisation, Middle Eastern dance, Alexander technique and water movement disciplines. The authenticity of her inner expression is reflected in her creation, merging the traditional and contemporary disciplines to wholesome new experience.

Some selected shows and collaborations:

Austria Biennale, Portugal Biennale, Kiss Exhibition Germany, Eilat Water festival Israel, Stella festival Israel, 93 Feet London, Asivi- Amami Japan, Yurinkan-Kiryu-Gunma Japan, Theatre Plain Paris, Beibei Wang, Megumi Miyata, Kazuki Osawa, Gaishi Hishizaka, The Nazareth Orchestra, Gypsyhill, Shira Klasmer, Sassi Horesh, Shoshi De Silva.