Conversation Piece collaboration with Beibei Wang

Every physical act of ours is a revelation of the relationship with the inner self. Often one can be recognised by his body language or vocabulary of movements that will be repeated. These patterns reflect not only a physical habitude, but an inner attitude and approach.

"Conversation piece" deals with the manifestation of patterns of thoughts which get a physical shape in our bodies, and suggests an alternative: to free ourselves from definitions, to live the unknown within us.

The music is played by Beibei Wang. Beibei is one of China's leading percussionist. In this piece Beibei chooses to create her own instrument, made of metal pieces which are leftovers from sculpture studio. She improvises using the resources in the space- the floor, her/Celine's body and creating a set of unexpected sounds.

Her music is combined with sounds recorded from the street.