Celine has developed a unique teaching method drawing on her experience both as belly dancer, and in movement disciplines, from water movement therapy to Alexander technique. Her own distinctive style is inspired by, and artfully reflects the natural movement from the body’s structure.

Celine Avrahami Belly dance North West London. Celine’s classes are a balanced mix of technique, imagination, breathing and improvisation. The belly dance movements are thus made easier to grasp in all their simplicity, beauty, pointedness, delicacy… and fun!

Students are encouraged to explore each movement and express themselves through their own dance. In this way, the classes provide another dimension to belly dancing and Oriental dance generally: that of self-awareness, essential for the dance to become a journey into the inner self.

Classes are generally held in a circle, which also helps build a strong sense of togetherness with, and among the students. Students are always made to feel welcome and bring in their own life and dance experience to share and explore further.

Classes and venues:

Every Tuesday, 7 30pm- 830pm, Paddington Sports Club, Castellain Road W9 HQ1 Fee £10